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The All-Encompassing Z-Unit Guide


God Tier
Hello! Welcome to the All-Encompassing Z-Unit Guide!


This guide will serve to teach you on how to be an effective and useful Z-Unit/Deputy!

Let's start out with the basics:

Section 1, Introduction:
Z-Unit is tasked with dealing with D-Block and the residents within it, which are D-Class. Z-Units are solely responsible for handling D-Class, taking care of them, prepare them for testing/feedings, and make sure they don't learn about the Foundation's many secrets. Z-Units must also handle themselves with D-Class, as it can be a little stressing to deal with them sometimes, but if you do your job correctly you can have a real fun time.
Z-Units can set the code for D-Block, here are all the codes and the commands to set them:

Free time: /dcode 1
Roll call: /dcode 2
Eating time: /dcode 3
Shower time: /dcode 4
Exercise time: /dcode 5
Work time: /dcode 6
Lockdown: /dcode 7
Return to cells: /dcode 8

Here are the rules and regulations for all Z-Units: https://www.concordiagaming.com/index.php?threads/z-unit-rules-and-regulations.32362/
You must follow these rules or risk getting punished or demoted from Z-Unit.
Here is the roster for all Z-Units, if you aren't already on it, you should be:
That just about concludes the introduction, now onto the other topics.

Section 2, Handling D-Class:
D-Class can get a bit rowdy sometimes, so here's some basic rules on how to punish and enforce rules on D-Class.
Reasons to use deadly force:​
  1. Prisoner has a deadly weapon.
  2. Prisoner is attempting to, or has just committed murder.
  3. Resisting Arrest.
  4. Conspiring against the foundation.
  5. Prisoner is making an escape attempt.
  6. Prisoner is a major threat to the facility.
  7. Entering an Unauthorized area.
  8. Prisoner has contraband.
  9. Prisoner attacked a guard.
Reasons to use non-deadly force/regular punishment(Solitary Confinement):
  1. Prisoner attacked another prisoner.
  2. Prisoner damaged Foundation property.
  3. Prisoner disobeyed orders.
  4. Prisoner has broken a rule.
  5. Disobeying Z-Units orders.
  6. Sexual Assault on another Prisoner.
Now, let's discuss lockdowns as well. When enforcing a lockdown, you should first begin by setting the code to 'Return to cells' (Refer to section 1). Then, you should do an advert: /advert [D-Block PA] Lockdown! Get to your cells in 40 seconds, refuse and we detain/terminate you. Lastly, call the lockdown code, close all the D-Block cells doors via the control room, and move in to secure all the D-Class in their cells.
Whether you should KOS or AOS them during a lockdown depends on the situation. If there is a Code Orange, multiple D-Class are escaping, have mass contraband, weapon(s), rioting, or are committing murder of other D-Class/personnel, then you should KOS them. If there is a code red, info-breach, property damage, or small scale contraband, then you should only keep it AOS.
Lockdowns should only last until the Code Red/Orange/info-breach is over or until you are done searching/amnesticizing them.

During small scale D-Block breaches, it is expected of Z-Units to do a roll call. Roll calls are so that Z-Units can account for every D-Class currently inside of D-Block and report if any are missing. You should start the roll call by making a D-Block PA advert (ex. /advert [D-Block PA] Roll call! Get to the shutters now or face detainment.) and then counting off the D-Class via their shirt numbers and looking at the tab menu (You are allowed to do this.). If there are any D-Class missing, you should ask over radio if there are any D-Class in use currently. If there is no response or it has been confirmed no, you should search all the D-Class currently within the roll call line in case of contraband. Then call for a ID check throughout the Foundation to search for the missing D-Class in case they managed to get to the armory.
Small tip: Never go inside D-

Section 3, Taking care of D-Class:
As a Z-Unit, you are expected to make sure the D-Class personnel eat, bathe, exercise and stay healthy. This includes giving them proper medical care when needed, even if you are the one who has inflicted the injury.
Eating time: If there hasn't been a eating time in a while or D-Class are requesting food, you are responsible for giving them food. This is a pretty standard procedure, get another Z-Unit, yourself or a D-Class on the credible roster to enter the kitchen and prepare food for D-Class based on their requests and health, while you or another Z-Unit stands outside guarding. You should not overfeed or underfeed D-Class, for example: Giving a D-Class 4 cheeseburgers, giving a D-Class one carton of milk and then giving him nothing else, etc. After eating time is over, you should escort those inside out and close the cafeteria shutters.
Shower time: Every once in a while, preferably after exercise time, you should get D-Class to clean themselves off in the showers to the left of cafeteria. You should start off the shower time by setting the D-Block code and doing an advert, ordering them to take the shower. Ex. '/advert [D-Block PA] Shower time! Get to the showers, take your clothes off and get yourself clean.' You should also get D-Class some soap from the supply room beforehand.
Exercise time: This is pretty simple, do an advert ordering D-Class to exercise room, close the door once everyone's inside, and let them do what they want. If there are D-Class who seem bored, not playing chess, you should set up some exercise sessions, like basketball or jumping jacks.
Free time: If you are in D-Block during free time, you should be interacting with D-Class in a controlling and positive way. My favorite way to do this is playing games, especially if you have prop permissions. Here are a list of games you can play with D-Class that are fun and easy to set up, I'll put an asterisk next to the ones you need prop perms for:
- Red Light Green Light
- Mafia
- *Tether ball
- *Basketball
- D&D (Notepads recommended)
- Arm wrestling competition
- Leapfrog
- Piggyback race
- Uno (Notepads needed)
- *Soccer
- *Dodgeball
- Long jump
(Feel free to recommend more)
Also, if you do have prop perms, feel free to ask any deputy for permission to build keycard gates within D-Block.

Section 4, Preparing D-Class for testing/feeding:
D-Class are used mainly for testing and feeding, you are responsible for handing them over to SID and/or GenSec. Whenever anyone requests D-Class over radio, you should grab however many D-Class they need and prepare them at the entrance of D-Block. If you are by yourself outside of D-Block when you need to grab a D-Class, you should ask someone over to D-Block (NOT TO GO INSIDE, Z-UNITS MAY NOT ALLOW LEVEL 2'S INSIDE) and get a D-Class from the front gate. If there are none at the front gate, you should do an advert ordering them to get there in a single file line. Ex. '/advert [D-Block PA] Get to the entrance for testing in a single file line.' D-Class that resist arrest should be warned first then terminated if they do it again.

Section 5, Handling info-breaches:
Handling SCP info inside and outside D-Block to prevent info breaches is probably one of the most important parts of Z-Unit. SCP's should never be near or inside D-Block, if a SCP manages to get near D-Block, you may use force, negotiation, or lure the SCP to get it out. if D-Class get information regarding a Euclid+ SCP (besides 076/082/2337) or the SCP is inside D-Block, you should enact a lockdown. During the lockdown, priority should be removing the SCP from the D-Block area. After removing the SCP, you should begin amnesticization of D-Block. If there is a Deputy warden on, you can get them to pump Class-A amnestics in a short burst into D-Block, erasing their memories quickly instead of having to individually spray them. Ex. '/advert [D-Block] Red gas sprays into the cells for about 3-4 seconds, you lose your memory over the past 6 hours. [Roll 99+ to remember]'. After that, you may open up all the cells as soon as the coast is clear.

Some extra tips & tricks:
- Never go inside D-Block alone
- Only credible D-Class are trusted in the kitchen/work area

(Going to be adding more)

That's pretty much it, if you follow these directions, Z-Unit can be very fun and you could be promoted as well.​

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