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The IRUC Guide


The Grand Yolk Maestro
Retired Staff
The OOC Guide to IRUC

The Item Research, Usage, and Containment team have recently been added to the server. Some of you know exactly what that means and what to do while playing the job, some of you are new players and have little knowledge about what IRUC is and what we do. Explaining that is the main reason why this guide exists.​

Part 1: The IRUC Team and What They Do

The Item Research, Usage, and Containment program are exactly what they sound like. They take anomalous items and do research on them. They study many things about the anomalous like what the item does, how the item can be used to benefit the CI, how it can be contained by the CI, etc. Once an anomalous item is explored to its fullest on what it does, IRUC may propose a project in the CI logs to exploit a certain aspect of that anomalous item to benefit the CI.

One thing that people may not know about us is that, in IRUC, our high command expects perfection and zero cancer out of us. Thus, if you suggest something like “Let’s make the Necronomicon and bring Cthulhu to this world.” you’ll get into trouble with the Head of IRUC and/or their boss. In IRUC, you must be creative and think for yourself to make progress. If you just suggest “Make better armor for heavies” you’ll have to be a little more specific than that. What material do you plan on using? How much will it cost us? Do we have to use anomalous means to create said armor? Remember when suggesting a project, be specific in what you want.

Part 2: Roleplaying as IRUC

As stated previously, in IRUC, zero minges will be tolerated. That means if you start trying to build a cyborg suit without notifying anyone, you will be PK’d and demoted from IRUC. While wandering the base, think of what you can do. Do we have any anomalies currently? What can I study right now? Is there anything I want the CI to raid for? If we do not have the SCP you want to research, you can ask the Operatives that are currently on if a raid is plausible. If they say yes, then tell them what you want to be taken, and they will acquire it for you. No, you may not join in the raid, you are a researcher. If a raid is occurring, stay at base and wait until the Operatives return with the SCP.

If you are making a new IRUC character, you should remember a couple of things. First, remember, if you are being useless, then you will be removed from the IRUC. Don’t apply for IRUC and make a character if you aren’t going to flag up or do anything with them. If the Head IRUC sees that you just applied to add to your “whitelist collection”, then they will remove you.

If you do not know, the relationship between the IRUC program and the soldiers of Operation Jupiter is very similar to the relationship between research and security at Area-XYZ. The operatives of Operation Jupiter are tasked with procuring objects for IRUC and protecting them. As IRUC, you may not demote, promote, terminate, or otherwise affect any operative in Jupiter without consulting a Gamma+. You are not a higher rank then them in any way, so don’t act like it.

Part 3: Documents and Discoveries

Before you start on your IRUC research, there are a couple of documents you should read to make sure you know what you are doing. The first is the IRUC handbook, which details all the IC knowledge, and rules you will need to know. Click Here

Next, if you plan on proposing a project, then that format is right here. Click Here

If you EVER discover a new anomaly, then use this format. Click Here

If you do a test on an SCP that isn't a part of a project, then post your test using this format. Click Here

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