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The (New and Improved) Crafting Guide


God Tier
Thought the old one needed an update, so I decided to revamp and remove some of the recipies.

Not Consumed
Alternative Recipe
Alternative Recipe & Doesn't Get Consumed

Craftable Items
Raw Chicken can be cooked to obtain cooked chicken
Circuit Board
1x Radio

3x of Any Uniform

Grapple Hook Head
2x Crowbar
1x Duct Tape

Wad of Putty
1x Toothpaste
1x Talcum Powder

Gun Mold
1x Wad of Putty
1x Pistol (any kind)

Molded Gun
1x Gun Mold
1x Molten Plastic

Crushed Pill
1x Any Pill

Molten Plastic
1x Plastic Cutlery
1x Lighter
Cook Plastic Cutlery in any oven.

Glass Shard
1x Glass Bottle
1x Lightbulb

1x Any Uniform

Drawing Paper
1x Notepad

Taped Drawing Paper
1x Duct Tape
1x Drawing Paper

1x Document
1x Pencil
Glass Shiv
1x Glass Shard

Toothbrush Shiv

1x File
1x Toothbrush
1x Glass Shard

Fake Gun
1x Molded Gun
1x Ink

Grappling Hook
1x Grappling Hook Head
1x Rope

Put a book or notepad in any oven

Feel free to tell me what the fuck I'm missing, if I'm missing anything.​
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Previously known as Reet Skeet
You can make a notepad with one document or orientation, and one pencil. They both get consumed.

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