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UIU File: Steve


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Electronic copy below as per Federal Records Act
UIU File: 2019-003
Codename: "Steve"
Summary: Can Man displaying ability to teleport as well as ill-understood sensory capabilities.
Location: Unknown
Names: Steven Caplan

Irregularity Cross-reference: American, Human, Can Man, Teleportation, 6th sense

Physical Descriptions:

Identifying Attributes
165 lbs, Slim​
Dark Brown​

Capabilities: Suspect is an anomalous individual displaying teleportation abilities and supernatural sensory capabilities, the full capacity of which is unknown. Through teleportation, the suspect has escaped custody on several occasions.

Purpose/Motive: Unknown. Suspect has previously displayed the wish to investigate several cans, which they can sense to an ill-understood degree. (See Statue of Liberty interview)

Modus Operandi: Steve will investigate cans that he deems important based on his awareness of them.

Behavior: Extremely cooperative, barring escapes from custody, and seemingly non-violent.

The suspect's phone has yet to be recovered and searched through from the FBI's evidence lock-up in Jackson, Mississippi. Other items have yet to be documented except for a nondescript white card.
Current Status: Missing
Crimes: Trespassing, Loitering, Escape from Custody
Sentencing: Pending
History of UIU Action:

November 2018: Following an escape from Harrison County Jail, Mississippi, the UIU had placed a $50,000 award for any information that would lead to his arrest.

December 2018: Agent was dispatched to investigate reports of a terrorist on the Statue of Liberty, weeks after an incident where the statue bled. After a brief interview with the suspect, confirmed to be Caplan, conducted by Agent Manson, they vanished.

June 2019: Steven Caplan trespassed into the Jackson, Mississippi FBI Field Office and breached into the evidence storage lock-up, before vanishing.

No sightings of the suspect have been reported since.


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