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Weathers / Strom Incident Report


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<Level 2 Clearance Required to Proceed>
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SCP Foundation Incident Report
Secure. Contain. Protect.
Full Name: Wilfred Dubhghlas

Current Position: Provost

Clearance Level: 2

Date: 4/17/19

Location: XYZ Apartment Complex, Tram Station.

SCPs Involved: N/a

Personnel Injured/Missing/Killed: N/a

Has the situation been resolved?: Yes

  • If no, please supplement a suggestion for resolution:
Foundation Equipment/Structures Damaged: N/a
  • If any were damaged, have you notified the proper personnel to handle the damage?:
Description of the Incident (Timestamps Recommended): Engineer Strom returned to the complex via tram and approached Engineer Weathers with extreme agitation. This was apparent to nearby provosts as he yelled, "Hey, you son of a *****! I know what you did!". He was detained by provosts before any violent action could ensue.

Additional Notes: Why he chose to do this to someone in the 2nd most guarded area of the entire complex is beyond me. A psychological evaluation is recommended.

// https://www.concordiagaming.com/threads/vengeance-for-lizzie.40832/
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He will be questioned at the complex when he gets off his shift at XYZ. Disciplinary action will take place soon after. Let this be a lesson to control your anger people.

-Apartment Manager Charri.

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