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XYZ-028 "Dyslexic Memory Stick"


Expert Tier

Clearance Level: 4
Anomaly #: XYZ-028
Object Class
: Euclid


<Level 4 Clearance required to proceed…>
<Validation clearance…>

<Clearance Validated.>

<Welcome, Authorized User>


: Dyslexic Memory Stick
Date of Discovery: 01/25/2018
Discovered by: Dr. Famal
Current Location: Vault SU-11


XYZ-028 is a memory stick put into 914 on very fine, after being inputted into 914 it launched itself at a BCU named "Meatshield" digging into his face and brain and popping back out, Killing him.

Afterwards the Memory stick became relatively safe and so far has not shown any dangers.

Once put into a computer the computer becomes dyslexic making everything gibberish, it also changes pictures with some examples below.

The windows start screen also changes.

Chrysantheum.jpg Center of Chrysantheum flower seems to have a eye shape

Desert.jpg Second picture is a red desert with a humanoid figure standing on top of it
Zooming in it looks like a Green humanoid with a red head hands on its sides.

Hydrangeas.jpg, which is an image of blue and white gradianted flowers with spiked leaves in the background.

Jellyfish.jpg, it shows a lone orange-tinted jellyfish swimming against a dark,
Blue gradiant background, speckled with white and red dots.

Koala.jpg, an image showing a koala up close, staring at the camera with slitted eyes. There's a red sploch On its forehead.

Lighthouse.jpg, It shows a small lighthouse on the coast of an ocean with Islands in the background. There's a green figure in the top of the rusted lighthouse, looking towards the islands in the distance, which smoke is bellowing from.

Zooming in on the figure at the lighthouse you only see the right side of the green figure, his head has 3 red dots next to his ear.

Remembrance.jpg its a picture of tulips with rusted stems.

I've got absolutely no idea what this thing is and I probably wont be doing testing with it again as it is quite mind boggling and extremely creepy, If you wish to burn it then feel free.

- Famal


Expert Tier
// I didn't say we should burn it, im saying if they want to burn it i dont mind/care

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