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XYZ-031 "The Minty Mist"


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Trusted Admin
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Clearance Level: Authorized Personnel Only
Anomaly #: XYZ-031
Object Class: Keter


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: "The Minty Mist"
Date of Discovery: [03/07/2019]
Discovered by: General Security + SCP Incidents Division
Current Location: Vault Advanced Storage

Initial Discovery: The anomaly [henceforth known as XYZ-031-1] was found as an output of SCP-914 after the infamous "Pigman" had once again breached the facility. It quickly sent toxic and contagious spores throughout the facility, infecting personnel whom were unshielded. It appears to eject spores from great distance in effort to infect other such potential host subjects. Once the facility was overrun, and the MTF outpost was close to falling, an order was issued by MTF, that being "Hammer Down". The facility was forcibly retaken by various MTF members, and the remaining SID and Security forces were gathered together to fight back the scourge. The facility was cleared room-by-room with MTF and Security forces clad in HAZMAT suits slowly putting down each of the XYZ-031-2 instances. Once recontained, the container of the mist was sealed inside of a containment cube and brought to the Vault for storage and future testing.
Description: XYZ-031-1 is a minty-smelling mist which originates out of a container once put through SCP-914 on "Very Fine". Further information will be filled in as it is gathered via testing.

Authorized Personnel: Dr. Yates, Director Bronkles, Manager Rashford, Security Advisor Corebot

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