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XYZ-032 "Smallifier"

Morgan Harper

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Trusted Admin
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Clearance Level: 4
Anomaly #:
Object Class: Euclid
<Level [4] Clearance required to proceed…>
<Validation clearance…>
<Clearance Validated.>

<Welcome, Authorized User>


: Smalifier
Date of Discovery: 2/25/19
Discovered by: SID Captain Everett
Current Location: In a containment cube in the vault.
Description: XYZ-032 Is a small milk crate that possesses one anomalous feature, which is the ability to turn anyone who jumps inside of it into a very small being.
The anomaly was found in D-Block, in which several D-Class were calling and screaming for help. The crate was in the cafeteria, near the shutters, and multiple D-Class, a Z-Unit, and a SSO were a very small size and were inside the crate. We tried to turn everyone into a normal size again, but only the Z-Unit and another D-Class returned to normal size.
These beings have nothing abnormal about them except for the fact that they are very small, about the size of a thumb.
They are still themselves, sentient and all that. Nothing changes except for their size.
The D-Class and the SSO were transported in the vault, as well as the crate in separate cubes. The XYZ-032-1s are currently in a small containment cell near the humanoid CCs, and the crate is in a containment cube next to it.
Further testing is required to figure out how to revert the Class-E subjects to their normal size, and the SSO is to be returned to his normal size ASAP as per orders from Management.
Dr. Tanku has discovered that like mentioned before, there is really no abnormalities except for their size.

List of Class-E Subjects:
Senior Officer Mikal Jefferson

Note: I also believe that the Venom Cure for the current Class-E subject, Sherman, may be gone. I'm not sure if this is related.

- SID Captain Everett
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Note: I also believe that the Venom Cure for the current Class-E subject, Sherman, may be gone. I'm not sure if this is related.
// I'm pretty sure the cure's been gone for a while. And wouldn't Sherman be dead by now?

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