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XYZ-033 "The Jar of Mist"


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Clearance Level: 4
Anomaly Number:
Object Class: Euclid


<Level 4 Clearance required to proceed…>
<Validation clearance…>
<Clearance Validated.>

<Welcome, Authorized User>


: The Jar of Mist
Date of Discovery: 2-26-19
Discovered by: MTF Commander Campbell and other Security/MTF forces
Current Location: Terminated
XYZ-033 is a seemingly normal looking glass jar, made from [REDACTED]. Upon bare, human, contact with the jar any Human will be turned into a XYZ-033-1 instance, immediately emitting a Red-Gas/Mist like aura while at the same time, start hunting for any other non-infected Humans.
While not understood fully yet (Hence the Euclid Classification) we do know that all XYZ-033-1 instances are extremely hostile and dangerous when they come into contact with other Human beings.
As of now, there have been no observable mutations with the XYZ-033 anomaly with humans, though it may vary with other Species
Object Class:
Description: XYZ-033-1 is the result of a Human coming into bare-contact with XYZ-033, upon contact they instantly turn into a black humanoid figure that is extremely skinny. The humanoid will emit a red gas/mist constantly that if breathed in by another Human being, will immediately turn them into a XYZ-033-1 instance as well, with the same effects. In addition to this XYZ-033-1 instances will actively seek out other non-infected Humans, attempting to get close enough to infect them, or in the case they have Hazmat gear (Which is proven effective against the gasses emitted) will try to beat them to death with extreme aggression and force (Similar to SCP-049-2 in that regard) However, these Zombie-Like anomalies move relatively slow and are susceptible to bullets of most calibers, making them less of a threat, however, if XYZ-033-1 is exposed to a large group of people (Such as D Class in D Block) , it could result in an major containment breach, similar to that of XYZ-009 (The Black Crab Disease). If detected in the facility, these instances and its source are to be terminated immediately by SID/MTF forces, while the facility is put under lockdown to prevent further spread of the anomaly.

- Hudson T. Campbell​
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We should declassify this document to MTF agents so that they are aware of the danger and can properly respond to an outbreak should one occur.

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