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Alright, it's been 2 years now. You can make a ban appeal to rejoin the CI.
I'm going to punt your new Colonel into 1437 before it's even made if you keep this up
*Opal and Pixel are sent to the Gulag and eventually starve to death*
Reactions: Opal
*McIntyre watches as they starve, eating a ribeye while doing so*
Reactions: Opal
*takes tha spawkles and pwuts them in tha bwag, wunnin' off intwo the bweeze wike a beautiful buttafwy!* THWANKS MISSES OBWAMA
*snweeks wup behwind chu* *pwuts uh gwun two ya hwead* p..pw..pwut tha... pwut tha Spawkles in tha bwag!!